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Rolling with the Changes: Our Unexpected Adventure in West Louisiana

Our brief pit stop in West Louisiana turned into quite the unexpected adventure! But as they say, sometimes the best adventures are the ones you didn't see coming. Henry and I found ourselves faced with a decision: it was time to upgrade our rig. Six months into our nomadic adventure, we were absolutely loving it, but we needed just a bit more space to truly make it feel like home. And so, we took the leap. Our days in Scott were a whirlwind of activity, shuttling back and forth between the RV dealer and the car dealer. Negotiations, paperwork, test drives – you name it, we did it. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, there was an undeniable excitement in the air. We were about to embark on a new chapter of our journey, and the anticipation was palpable. Finally, after what felt like an eternity (but was just a few days), everything fell into place. We drove off the lot with our shiny new rig in tow, and let me tell you, the feeling was indescribable. The sense of freedom and possibility that comes with life on the road is truly unparalleled.

By Friday, the last box was unpacked, and our new home was beginning to feel like just that – home. But there was no rest for the weary, as Friday afternoon meant a journey to New Orleans for me. My sister's December wedding was on the horizon, and wedding dress shopping awaited. And yes, she said yes to the dress! Despite the whirlwind of activity, there was a silver lining amidst the chaos – the seamless transition into our new rig. Packing up and setting up felt like a breeze compared to our previous experience. It was a testament to the progress we've made on this journey and a reminder of why we chose this lifestyle in the first place.

As we bid farewell to Louisiana, our sights are set on the next destination: the vast expanse of Texas. With each new mile, we're reminded that the beauty of this lifestyle lies not just in the destinations we reach, but in the journey itself.

Until next time, happy trails!

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