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Amarillo Adventures: Wind, Steak Challenges, and Cruises

Our journey through Texas has been nothing short of eventful, and our last stop in the Lone Star State was no exception. As we rolled into Amarillo, known affectionately as the "windy city," we were greeted by gusts that seemed to have a mind of their own.

One of the highlights of our Amarillo adventure was a visit to the iconic Big Texan Ranch. Here, amidst the howling winds, we encountered a tantalizing challenge: the legendary 72oz steak to be finished in under an hour. While Henry didn't dare take on the gauntlet, let me tell you, that steak was nothing short of DELISH! Another stop we made was a standing sentinel in the vast Texas plains, the Cadillac Graveyard is a testament to American eccentricity and automotive nostalgia.

But our Amarillo escapade wasn't just about wind and steaks. I took a brief hiatus to Galveston for a week, joining some friends, coworkers, and newfound family on a rejuvenating cruise. Our time aboard was a blissful blur of relaxation and camaraderie. From an agent meetup by the heated pool to lazy river lounging, the days melted away in a haze of contentment. And with a group of twelve of us, the voyage was filled with laughter and shared memories.

While I soaked up the sun on the high seas, Henry held down the fort back in Amarillo, tending to our furry companions. But fret not, he leaves for his own cruise tomorrow.

Upon my return, we wasted no time in packing up our rig, ready to hit the road once again. Next stop: Colorado Springs, where the majestic mountains and the allure of Mountain Standard Time awaited us. For now, it was onwards to the next chapter of our nomadic journey.

Stay tuned for more tales from the road!

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