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Capital City Wonders: A Day in D.C. from Fredericksburg, Virginia

With Fredericksburg as our base, we embarked on a day-long adventure in the heart of the nation's capital. Henry, a first-time visitor to D.C., eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks that define the American experience.

Our day began with a guided "buggy" tour, a charming and informative ride around the city. From the Capitol and Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and White House, we soaked in the grandeur of the nation's most significant landmarks, each narrating a chapter of American history.

Following the tour, our journey took a somber turn as we visited the Holocaust Museum. The museum provided a poignant reminder of historical atrocities, a particularly moving experience for Henry, given his close ancestral connection to the events. Walking through the exhibits, we paid homage to those whose stories remain etched in the fabric of our shared history. Fredericksburg gifted us the first snowfall within the confines of our camper, adding a magical touch to the conclusion of our journey. Next Stop: Home for the Holidays!

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