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From the Bustle of Orlando to the Serenity of the Everglades and the Magic of Key West

After the hustle and bustle of Orlando, we traded city lights for the tranquility of the Everglades, a true escape to the middle of nowhere. Just a 50-minute drive from the closest town of civilization, it was a much-needed respite for both us and our furry companions, who weren't too thrilled with our week-long absence. Our Everglades retreat included a thrilling airboat tour, bringing us up close and personal with more awe-inspiring alligators. We also made a little trip over to Cape Coral to have Dinner with Kim & Aj which was nice!

From the serene Everglades, we made our way to the vibrant island of Key West just in time for Halloween. Our friends George and Claudia joined us for the festivities, and we embraced the island spirit by renting a golf cart for easy exploration. Navigating Key West's charming streets with a rented golf cart added a touch of convenience and allowed us to explore the island at our leisure. Although Halloween wasn't as extravagant as we initially anticipated, with a weeklong festival wrapping up a few days prior, the island's energy was still palpable. Everyone may have been a bit exhausted, but the Key West spirit shone through, making it a great time at the most southern point of the United States.

Next Stop: Naples Florida

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