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Home for the Holidays: Cherished Moments in the Heart of Connecticut

Updated: Jan 30

There's a unique magic in being surrounded by the familiar, the comforting embrace of home. As December unfolded, our wheels found a temporary pause in Mom's driveway, marking the beginning of a season filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of cherished connections. With plans to venture west in 2024, the month became a precious interlude to savor the company of friends and family before the next chapter of our journey begins. Birthday celebrations in NYC, endless games of Canasta, drinks around the fire all surrounded by family and friends made these few weeks perfect.

As we immersed ourselves in the holiday spirit, the knowledge that our journey westward awaits in 2024 added a poignant touch to the celebrations. The mingling of joy and anticipation created a unique ambiance, reminding us to savor the present while looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Next Stop: Vegas! (Flying for work!)

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