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Homeward Bound: From Key West to Naples and the Serenity of Ocala

As our journey takes us back up the East Coast toward Connecticut for the holidays, we made a pitstop in the picturesque Naples, Florida, followed by a tranquil stay at the Ocala RV Resort. Balancing work commitments and the allure of the open road, each stop becomes a unique chapter in our travel tale. In Naples, work took precedence, but that didn't stop us from savoring the local delights. A food date became the highlight of our stay, offering a culinary journey through the flavors of this charming coastal town. The Ocala RV Resort, provided a secluded retreat nestled in nature. Despite its tranquility, it remained conveniently close to essential amenities, striking the perfect balance between seclusion and accessibility. They even had a food truck available which turned out to be delicious!

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