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Nashville Chronicles: Music, Magic, and a Dash of Pancakes

Updated: Jan 28

Howdy, wanderers! Nashville, the heartbeat of country music, was our most recent home on our adventure, thanks to a work rendezvous that seamlessly blended business with pleasure. Here's a quick dive into the vibrant highlights of our week in this musical haven.

Nashville's iconic landmarks (of course), as we explored the Johnny Cash Museum, the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame, Broadway St and the legendary Grand Ole Opry (where we saw REBA!). Just a group of Travel Agents takin' over Nashville! Shoutout to Jet Setting Squad, love you guys!

Then came the FOOD. Our taste buds embarked on a culinary journey, discovering the breakfast gem, Pancake Pantry, personal stuffed chocolate cups at Goo Goo's and Paula Deen's Kitchen (I'd skip this next time). The Food Hall was definetely my go-to spot, satisfying every craving with a diverse array of options, from burgers and tots to mouthwatering mini-donuts, poke bowls and a cookie dough bar!

Nashville's nightlife revealed hidden gems, including the House of Cards, a speakeasy beneath the Johnny Cash Museum, where we had a fancy dinner and watched a mesmerizing magic show. The Red Phone Booth, another clandestine spot, required a secret dial-in to access, and a Beetlejuice-themed speakeasy inside an arcade added a touch of whimsy to our evenings.

Next Stop: Memphis!

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