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RV Chronicles: Exploring the Stunning Shores of Galveston

Our inaugural journey with the new RV took us to the stunning shores of Galveston, and what a smooth ride it was! Henry, still getting accustomed to the size of our new rig. Galveston Island greeted us with its breathtaking beachfront vistas, offering a perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Despite the excitement of our RV adventure, it was back to the grind for me this week. Henry kept himself occupied with his usual tasks, and even went the extra mile by cleaning my office window. However, a misstep led to a minor mishap as he inadvertently bumped his head on one of the slides. While it seemed like a trip to the hospital might be necessary for stitches, a bit of salt and peroxide did the trick in stemming the bleeding.

Amidst our work commitments, we found solace and leisure in the amenities of our RV park. The heated lazy river and pool provided a delightful spot to unwind, while the hot tub became my personal favorite retreat. No rain for the week however, quite cloudy.

Our next destination beckons us for our company's Regionals event. Anticipation runs high as we look forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues, sharing stories of our adventures, and embracing the camaraderie of the occasion.

Next Stop: San Antonio

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