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Sweet Adventures and Cold Surprises: From Pennsylvania to Alabama

Updated: Jan 30

As our journey unfolds, each stop becomes a chapter in our nomadic tale. From the sweet delights of Hershey, Pennsylvania, to the chilly embrace of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and the promise of warmer horizons in Alabama, our road trip saga continues. Our first pitstop after Vegas led us to the chocolate haven of Hershey, Pennsylvania. The aroma of cocoa filled the air as we indulged in a day trip to the Hershey factory. From a captivating show to crafting our own colossal 1.5lb Reese's Cup and sipping on freshly made Reese's Hot Cocoa, the experience was a chocolate lover's dream come true. OH! And I can't forget the AMAZING Farm Show that my friend Emily recommended to us. Don't be alarmed guys, we went for the food, not the farm.

With an overnight stop in Wytheville, Virginia (due to an incoming storm), heading down to the Great Smoky Mountains near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we encountered temperatures that the locals hadn't seen in years – a chilly 8 degrees. Despite the breathtaking beauty of the mountains, challenges arose, including a night without heat, a leaking pipe, and a sewer drain that transformed into a solid brick. Cold lessons learned, indeed. Eager for a reprieve from the winter chill, our sights are set on Alabama, where the promise of 60-degree weather awaits!

Next Stop: Lake Guntersville, Alabama

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