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Tulsa's Intrigues: Stormy Skies, Black Wall Street, and a Work Study Hall Delight

Updated: Jan 28

Hello, fellow explorers! Our journey took a short pause in Tulsa, a brief work stop en route to Louisiana. Our work study hall event turned out to be delightful. It provided a productive yet relaxed environment in a beautiful library outside Tulsa. Getting to be with co-workers and around other people that do what I do gives me such a boost of motivation! Shout out to my girl Ashley Hawaiian and Coach Val; love hanging with you guys! Our time in Tulsa included a significant history lesson at Black Wall Street. The story of resilience, community strength, and the tragic events that unfolded in this historic district provided profound insights into a chapter of American history often overlooked And I have to say, the storms that swept through Tulsa left us awe-struck, as the skies put on a dramatic display like nothing we had ever witnessed. Mother Nature is a powerful you know what!

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