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Sun, Sand, and Stadium Cheers: Unforgettable Pitstops on the Road to Orlando

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Our journey to the enchanting land of Orlando led us through two captivating pitstops – the coastal paradise of Destin and the spirited college football town of Gainesville. With pristine beaches, stadium cheers, and culinary delights, our road trip adventure continues to unfold with each passing day. Destin lived up to its reputation as a haven of beauty with its pristine beaches and crystalline waters. The highlight of our visit was a fabulous day on Crab Island, where sun-soaked relaxation met the gentle lapping of waves. The shimmering beauty of Destin made it a coastal gem that exceeded all expectations. Also where we got our first flat tire!

Gainesville, although a bit away from the coast, charmed us with its cute and quaint atmosphere. The boys immersed themselves in the electric energy of a Florida Gators homecoming game, adding a thrilling dose of college football spirit to our journey. Of course, the food was fabulous here too.

Next Stop: Disney!

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