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Orlando Odyssey: A Week of Wonders, Work Friends, and Disney Magic!

Hey, fellow adventurers! Hold on to your hats because our week in Orlando was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride – both figuratively and literally! Let me spill the beans on a little secret – Travel Agent perks are the real deal! We scored a jaw-dropping deal, saving over 50% on park tickets for both Universal and Disney. Considering the usual cost of a single day in each park, this discount was an absolute game-changer. The amount we saved? Mind-blowing! Spending the week with friends added an extra layer of awesomeness to our Orlando adventure. Experiencing the magic of Disney as adults, laughing our way through Universal, and exploring the parks together made every moment unforgettable. We walked over 40 miles in this week!

We dove headfirst into the enchanting world of Disney, conquering all four parks – Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and the grand finale at Magic Kingdom. From delicious food finds to riding exhilarating attractions (both within and beyond our comfort zones), the week was a fantastic voyage into the heart of Disney magic.

Fun Fact: Ever wondered why the scent of fresh, hot popcorn constantly wafts through the air in Disney parks? Here's the scoop: Disney pumps the aroma into the atmosphere! And here's the kicker – the daily popcorn sales across the parks help foot the bill for their jaw-dropping $50,000 nightly firework extravaganza at Magic Kingdom. #Mindblown indeed!

To cap off this phenomenal week, we wrapped things up with another Study Hall for Travel Agents. It was the perfect way to absorb more knowledge, exchange experiences, and conclude our time in Orlando on a high note.

Next Stop: Everglades

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